Kim Kelly Dog Training
Training is a snap with Kim!

About Kim Kelly

Kim Kelly's philosophy is based on a keen understanding of animal behavior and years of training experience. There is no such thing as “un-trainable dogs” in our experience. With the right guidance and obedience – all dogs can be happy, healthy members of your family.

Not all dogs are exactly the same and because of that, Kim's program is customized for 
your dog, family, and lifestyle.

Kim begins by evaluating your dog to understand his/her personality, where he/she is from a training perspective, and what goals you want to accomplish. From there, he customizes a training plan just for you. If your dog is shy, aggressive, or just ill behaved – Kim can build the solution that is right for you and your family.

Kim Kelly Dog Training offers a wide range of training services: 
· Puppy Classes 
· Semi-private lessons
· Private lessons at your home
· Private lessons at our facility
· In-Kennel training

Give Kim Kelly a call today – it will be the first step to building a new relationship with your dog.

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