German Short Haired Pointer walking with owner on a pier
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Kim's primary goal is to establish clear communication between owner and dog. With the right guidance and obedience training, all dogs can be happy and healthy members of the family!

No two dogs are exactly the same, so Kim begins by evaluating your dog's temperament and personality, training and behavior needs, and the goals you want to accomplish. From there, a training plan is customized just for your family and your dog, according to your needs, lifestyle, and schedule.

Get started with these personalized, fully-private training sessions, and let Kim help you build a lasting relationship with your canine family member.

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Board and Train

An excellent option for people on-the-go! Rest easy while your dog receives daily obedience and behavior modification training from Kim, all in the comfort of a quiet, fun, stress-free environment that feels just like home. After your pet's stay, Kim will teach you how to maintain your dog's training at home and in public.

Personal Sessions

These flexible, one-on-one lessons are tailored to your convenience and schedule. During these sessions, Kim works individually with you and your dog, using a keen understanding of animal behavior to teach effective methods of training and communication with your canine family member.